• Arica, eternal spring

    Panamericana Hotel Arica, surrounded by beautiful beaches, welcomes visitors with the hospitality of a true paradise.
  • Antofagasta, mining capital

    With all the charm of the desert, beaches and starry skies. A different and entertaining tourism, immersed in a unique landscape of copper colors.
  • Quintero, sun and relaxation

    At the best location on the Pacific Ocean, in a natural and relaxing environment.
  • Viña del Mar, the Garden City

    Enjoy its beaches and its people from a Hotel with history and tradition.
  • Santiago, Chile

    An excellent starting point for your stay in Santiago, in the best location of the Providencia district.
  • Ancud on the Island of Chiloe

    Enjoy the Northen Patagonia in the magical city of Ancud.